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Antonia Gilligan

Air Purification

Air and Gas Purification

Air quality is a growing concern for cities, building and your laboratories. The changes in weather, global warming, seasons, fires and industries bring all new challenges to the air quality in your clinics. Embryos and specimens may be subjected to unforeseen and unexpected  harsh environmental contamination such as mix of dust, pesticides, fire smoke, volcanic ash, mold, and bacteria.

  • Protect your IVF laboratory from the impact of any unexpected air or gas contaminants to your procedures and outcome.
  • We offer the latest technology and equipment standards to improve the quality of your air.  Have a good protection system in place from any unexpected air pollution in your surrounding areas and improve consistency in your overall results.

Our Team has been involved in air testing and other air quality challenges in many IVF laboratories and clinics, worldwide, since 1990.  Our team has helped many clinics around the world identify air contaminants residing inside incubators or in the laboratory environment and has helped with short and long term solutions to include design and maintain of Class 10,000 (Euro standard #7) cleanrooms.

Let our team of experts:

  • Work with you on design of a system that best fits your needs and budget for an ongoing air purification of and removal of any unexpected contaminants coming in from outside or from internal sources.
  • Design of an internal air system to maintain clean air and clean incoming gas into your incubator.
  • Maximize the ability of your systems to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemical Air Contaminants (CACs) and harmful particulates.
  • Recommend the best available portable air purification technologies and equipment that best fit your needs and provide you same protection and air quality.
  • Train employees on maintenance of the system.

Contact our coordinator of air purification to our set up an appointment regarding air purification.

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