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Antonia Gilligan

Antonia Gilligan

Antonia Gilligan is a member of American Chemical Society and cofounder and owner Alpha Environmental, Inc. Before specializing in the IVF field, she spent over 25 years in environmental engineering. For the past 12 years Alpha Environmental, Inc. has delivered the highest level of environmental competence to the ART community. Antonia is the only person in the world who performs this service for the IVF community. She has authored several peer reviewed papers in this area.


"Ambient air and its potential effects on conception in vitro" Jacques Cohen, Antonia Gilligan Human Reproduction Vol. 12, No 8 Page 1742-1749 1997

"Release of volatile organic coumpounds such as styrene by sterile pertri dishes and flasks used for in vitro fertilization" A. Gilligan, T. Schimmel, and J. Cohen ASRM 1997 Oral Presentation Abstract ASRM Program Supplement Oct. 18-22, S52-S53 1997

"Removal of volatile organic coumpounds from incubators used for gamete and embryo culture" T. Schimmel, A. Gilligan, J. Garisi, M. Cecchi, B. Dale and J. Cohen. ASRM 1997 Poster Presentation Abstract ASRM Program Supplement Oct. 18-22, S165. 1997

"The origin, effects and control of air pollution in laboratories used for human embryo culture" J. Hall, A. Gilligan, T. Schimmel, M. Cecchi and J. Cohen. Human Reproduction Volume 13, Supplement 4 146-155,1998

"Culture and embryo quality of embryos" J. Cohen, A. Gilligan and S. Willadsen. Human Reproduction Volume 13, Supplement 3 137-144,1998

"Environmental factors and the IVF laboratory" Antonia Gilligan Thirty Second Postgraduate Program Taking ART to the Year 2000 sponsored by American Society for Reproductive Medicine, September 25-26, 1999

"Environmental evaluation of assisted reproduction techniques laboratories" F. Geisthovel, A. Oxner and A. Gilligan Edited by A. Kumar and A. K. Mukhopadhyay Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi India 2001

Our clients range from simple consulting, testing and material selection to new IVF laboratories designed to our demanding standards and tested so that conformance is verified.

Some of the IVF Practices that Antonia Gilligan has consulted from the air design, to air testing in the lab, or material selection for the new IVF laboratories are the following IVF practices:

  • Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science St. Barnabas Medical Center West Orange, NJ USA
  • Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine Englewood CO USA
  • New England Fertility Institute Stamford, CT USA
  • Oak Brook Fertility Center Oak Brook, IL USA
  • North Shore University Hospital IVF Program Manhasset, NY USA
  • Long Island IVF Port Jefferson, NY USA
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation IVF Beachwood OH, USA
  • ART Encino CA, USA
  • Cabell Huntington Hospital-IVF Huntington, WV USA
  • American Fertility Services NY, NY USA
  • ART Reproductive Center Beverly Hills, CA USA
  • Fertility Institute of New Jersey & New York Westwood, NJ USA
  • Houston-IVF Houston, TX USA
  • Dallas Presbyterian Hospital Dallas TX USA
  • St David's IVF Austin, TX USA
  • Women's Hospital IVF Lab Istanbul, Turkey
  • CRM Park Lorne London, UK
  • Gemeinnschaftspraxis Freiburg, Germany

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