Klaus Wiemer, PhD

Scientific Advisor on Media Products
Reproductive Physiologist Lab Director

Klaus Wiemer

Dr. Wiemer has an extensive clinical and scientific background and experience in cell and embryo culture, cryopreservation of embryos, embryo morphology, co-culture, blastocyst development, maturation and fertilization of human oocytes in vitro, micromanipulation, IVF lab design, and supervision.

He received his doctorate in Reproductive Physiology (Embryology) in 1989 from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. Dr Wiemer has over 20 years of experience directing IVF Laboratories and has been involved in over 10,000 IVF procedures. He was the Scientific Director of the Institute for Assisted Reproduction, Charlotte, NC, USA for 10 years, and Laboratory Director for NorthWest Center for Reproductive Sciences, Kirkland, WA, USA for7 years. He also has been an off-site director of several fertility clinics.

The IVF clinics that Dr Wiemer has directed have consistently been in the top 10% nationwide. The practices that he has been involved with have always incorporated the latest techniques and most innovative clinical embryology practices in order to ensure that these centers maximize their outcomes. In his most recent practice, Dr Wiemer was part of the team that reported the first frozen oocyte pregnancies, vitrified blastocyst pregnancy, and blastocyst biopsy cases in Washington state. This center also produced some of the first array-CGH pregnancies in the world. His world-wide affiliations have produced over 200 pregnancies resulting from vitrified oocytes.

He consults on ART laboratory design, protocols, troubleshooting, and quality assurance. He is a bilingual in Spanish, and active in the South American IVF community through his talks and consulting services.

Dr Wiemer has published over 75 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics in the area of clinical embryology. He has received numerous awards for his research, including the Overall Grand Prize awarded by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

His main interests are in embryo culture systems, improving laboratory outcomes and studying the effects of follicular stimulations on subsequent oocyte and embryo quality. He is currently conducting research on developing an embryo morphology grading system that can be used to predict rate and quality of blastocyst development. Other projects include various aspects of oocyte as well as blastocyst vitrification systems.

Dr Wiemer is founder of KEW Technology, a consulting company that provides a full range of services to IVF centers in North America, South America, and Europe. His company currently oversees over 4,500 IVF cycles annually.

Klaus and his family reside in Seattle, Washington and enjoys skiing, fly-fishing and mountaineering. He is happily married and has 4 children.

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