IVF Consultants | Embryology


Klaus Wiemer

Reproductive Physiology

Gloria Calderon

Executive Manager & Director of the Human Embryology

Natalya Rozanova

Senior Embryologist, Lab Director


IVF practices are facing the day-to-day challenges of maintaining consistency and good results. Staying on top of the game requires well trained embryologists, constant vigilance, and new training and techniques.

  • Are you looking for your laboratory personnel to be trained in the most up-to-date techniques and methods by individuals with a proven track record in embryology?
  • Would you like your embryology team to be part of a larger team of experts, who can help answer many of the day-to-day questions and challenges and help you stay on track?
  • Would you like to be consulted on current marketplace trends along with problems currently faced by others that may jeopardize success rates or put your practice at risk?
  • Would you like to be advised on the latest new techniques and products?
  • Would you like to have access to a team of experts for any troubleshooting challenges that your practice may face?

Our team of experts have a wide range of expertise their experience is 'second to none'. Some of our team experts have helped establish multiple embryology protocols and methods in over 50 IVF laboratories worldwide. Our team can accordingly offer you:

  • Training your personnel with the latest up-to-date techniques and methods in maintaining a high-profile IVF clinic with consistent and repeated superior results.
  • Small and large group workshops.
  • Individualized hands-on-training.
  • Discussions and alerts regarding current clinical articles, publications and scientific papers In-depth evaluation and application of aseptic practices throughout the practice.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Become a member of IVFC network in order to streamline your operation and improve your practice.

Allow IVFconsultants.com team to help you face any challenges of embryo retrieval, embryo culturing, PGD, ICSI and transfer. Try us! Please contact us by outlining your needs and our team will pick up the challenge and work with your team to develop the best solution. Our experienced team members are ideally matched to work in any region worldwide.

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