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New Laboratories

Constructing new laboratories can be a painstaking task, with many peaks and vallies, new discussions every day and it is costly. Being supported by our Team of experts, we will give you a more streamlined approach, confidence of success and positive added value to the project when completed. IVFconsultants.com experts can help you design, equip, and give you a turnkey laboratory and not spend more than necessary.

  • Would you like us to help formulate a most efficient laboratory layout for the space you have?
  • Would you want to know the latest equipment purchase that will give you the longest life of your dollar spent?
  • Would you like preferred buyer networking discounts or purchase plans?
  • Do you want to know that the resulting lab will be top notch to produce outstanding results and success?

IVFconsultants.com is home of best expertise on the design and layout of your future IVF laboratory or remodeling the existing IVF lab. Our diverse group of experts makes IVFconsultants.com the most comprehensive laboratory consulting services for your new lab or redesign the existing lab.

Some of the aspects of services that IVFconsultants.com can benefit you are:

  • advise on the overall lab design and placement of equipment and general layout
  • suggest equipment
  • optimize of air flow and cleanliness
  • train on aseptic lab practices and overall QC in your lab

Contact our coordinator for information regarding laboratory design

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