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Klaus Wiemer

Reproductive Physiology


IVF and human reproductive clinics face the challenges of implementing the most up-to-date methods for vitrification of oocytes and embryos. Vitrification has become increasingly important to cancer patients, planning families and the future. If you wish to optimize your vitrification results and/or any of the following areas interest you, then IVFconsultants.com team is your answer.

  • Are you looking to implement and maintain cutting edge freezing techniques to better serve your patients and to enhance your practice?
  • Would you like to be informed on the most current product and methods suggestions?
  • Would you like a workshop to train your employees?

IVFconsultants.com experts have initiated and developed new techniques, methods, protocols and materials which have enriched the performance standards for better results and outcomes. Let IVFconsultants.com experts work with your team to improve your practice by offering you:

  • Workshops for small and large groups.
  • Personalized hands-on training.
  • Documentation and labeling techniques.
  • The latest in methods and procedures.
  • Optimizing storage techniques.
  • Cryostorage inventory maintenance.
  • Establishing a storage bank.
  • FDA compliance matters.

IVFconsultants.com group has made vitrification a safe, proven method for the preservation of oocytes, eggs and embryos, for the future of your patients and the quality of your practice.

Try us! Please contact us by outlining your needs and our team will pick up the challenge and work with your team to develop the best solution. Our experienced team members are located across the continents and are ideally matched to work in any region worldwide.

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